Alfred Nerstu

Product Designer

Passionate about products

The past 10 years I've spent pursuing my passion for and honing my skills at designing products.

As a senior UI- and product designer at ustwo, I've collaborated closely with big clients like H&M, Sony, Google, Adidas and BMW along side small startups and ventures.

AN is my own company where I have worked together with Propellerhead, Vodafone, Native Instruments and Pioneer DJ among others.

I was an early employee in the startup Pacemaker, where I was part in designing the user interface of the, Red Dot Design Award winning, portable DJ player.

Thoughts on design process & craft

Keep it stupidly simple.

Use the fastest method to show as little as you need to convey your idea.

Documentation gets out of date quickly, let the product itself be the reference.

If you are designing for a phone, look at your design on a phone.

The closer you can work together with the developers in your project the better the outcome. And what counts is meters not meetings.

Read and live by ustwo’s Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook.

Always keep learning.

I'm always interested in exciting projects and I'd love to have a chat!